We help

extraordinary people
build extraordinary companies.

Let's design the future


We are entrepreneurs, investors and creative thinkers who maintain a distinct advantage by using a unique method to build the most talented startup teams.

We are fearless when it comes to investing in innovation because we believe great companies don't happen overnight, and exceptionally gifted entrepreneurs need time and support to achieve their ultimate vision. 

Blockspell  is a Startup Studio
specialized in building 

socially responsible tech companies

from the ground up.   

From simple ideas
to world-class companies

We are a hybrid Startup Studio that supports external and internal startups. On one hand, we support early-stage, Blockchain, and AI startups through consulting, mentorship, and financing.

On the other hand, we carefully select the most talented entrepreneurs to build and scale our own companies.


We believe the next generation of startups will solve humanity's biggest problems in a profitable and scalable way. Our mission is to support innovators and purpose-driven entrepreneurs who think big and are ready to build world-class companies.



We are currently working on global freelancing platform and festival

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