Stage 2

Congratulations! You have made it to the second stage!

This means your idea and the team have already impressed us, and we want to learn more about your company.

As you already know, Blockspell is a media-focused Startup Studio, paying a lot of attention to startups' social media presence and personal brands.  In order to engage in that journey, we need to make sure you are ready for it.

At this point you need to film a short video about your startup, your vision and strategy. It doesn't have to be a Hollywood quality movie with CGI, it can be just a smartphone camera selfie video, as long as the face is recognizable and the sound is clear.

There should be only one person in the video, presenting in English and the video should not exceed 3-minute limit.

The content must answer the main points of an elevator pitch, as well as why you are the one to be chosen for the Blockspell Program. If you want to make sure that you are covering everything and haven't missed anything, check out our Medium Article "How to film an elevator pitch". As we want our applicants to have the equal starting conditions, we encourage you to read the article carefully, as well as its the responses, and ask the questions there yourself.

Once we received all the videos from the applicants, we will publish them on our YouTube Channel. We always give a chance to our Community to provide feedback about the startups, so we can take into consideration public opinion. That's being said, we also encourage you to engage your friends and family to support you on the platform.

Extended Application Form


Upload your video via Google Drive, Dropbox or any other file share web-site. 

We believe there are no good and bad personalities, but we believe they should be very carefully matched with each other. Please, complete the 16 personality test for every co-founder of your team and copy-paste the link to the result:

Thanks for submitting!